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Digital Banking

Launch's Digital Banking Enhancement is Here!

We recognize that you want a reliable digital banking product because we’ve asked and you’ve told us. In order to keep up with the digital banking options our members want and need, and to provide you with the products and services you desire, we have partnered with an industry leading vendor to bring you an enhanced digital banking experience. Bank Virtually Anywhere…Anytime!

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Already have our app? Head to the app store, search “Launch Credit Union”, and select “Update” to download our enhanced app!

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NOTE: If you have not logged into your digital banking recently or clicked “forgot username” or “forgot password”, you may be required to provide your social security number and other identifiable information. We understand your hesitation; however, this is standard practice to validate your identity. If you do not feel comfortable doing this via the mobile application, please feel free to visit your nearest branch or call our contact center during business hours at 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) 1-800-662-5257 (outside Brevard)

New Features

We are taking Digital Banking to the next level by providing featured enhancements, you have been asking for!

Digital Banking Changes You've Been Asking For
  • Card Controls – Set up Alerts, and customized controls on Transaction Types, Limits, Locations and Merchants. Also, Card activation, Travel Notices and turning the card On/Off.
  • Savings Goals – Financial Wellness – Create a financial savings goal in which you can set up a category, amount, and target completion date to save for. Add an image to help create excitement for saving.
  • Snapshot – Snapshot allows you to view your account(s) balances at a glance on your mobile phone without logging fully into Digital Banking on the app. Snapshot must be turned on within the app’s settings before you can view your accounts.
Although the enhanced platform will provide members with many additional features to make it easier to bank anywhere, anytime; the Direct Pay option will no longer be available and the following current functions will need to be setup on the enhanced platform again:
  • Personalized Account Nicknames
  • Linked Member to Member (one time and recurring transfer) accounts
  • Linked external accounts for viewing balances and transactions only
    • Linked external accounts for transfers will continue to be available
Digital Banking downtime will be minimal for you. Our employees have been working diligently to provide you with features for an improved Digital Banking experience! 


Watch these short video tutorials to learn more about our new digital banking experience.

Welcome to Your New Dashboard
Managing Your Profile
Remember Me Button
How to Set Up Savings Goals


Our team is here to help!

Digital Banking Workshop: 

CLICK HERE to view a helpful overview of the new digital banking platform.


Digital Banking Workshops and Digital Banking After-Hours Support


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the digital banking experience.

1. How do I log into the new system?

From a mobile device:

NOTE: If you have not logged into your digital banking recently or clicked “forgot username” or
“forgot password”, you may be required to provide your social security number and other
identifiable information. We understand your hesitation; however, this is standard practice to
validate your identity. If you do not feel comfortable doing this via the mobile application, please feel free to visit your nearest branch or call our contact center during business hours at 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) 1-800-662-5257 (outside Brevard).

2. Existing users- First-time login

If you are an existing digital banking user, but are logging in for the first time since the upgrade, complete the following steps:

1. Enter your current digital banking Username and password. Click Login.

2. Create a new password.

3. Read the disclosure. Click accept.

4. Verify your identity. Click continue.

5. Select a delivery method to receive your temp password,

6. Click “Log in” button.

7. Enter in Username and temporary password that was just sent to you.

• Create a new password. Criteria: Minimum length 8, must include a number, a non-alphanumeric, and Lowercase letter.

8. Welcome to your new digital banking experience!

To keep your username and password secure, we have specific requirements for each.

Username/ Password Requirement




Minimum Length


Minimum Length


Maximum Length


Must include a Number


Allow Alpha Characters


Must include an Uppercase Letter


Allow Numeric Characters


Must include a Lowercase Letter


Allow Special Characters


Must include a Non-Alphanumeric


3. New Users - Enrollment

If you have an account with us, but are new to digital banking, it is easy to get started

1.Click on Digital Banking Login to Register.

2.Agree to the Disclosure.

3.Enter the requested Personal Information, which matches the information on your account.

4.Choose Username and check that it is available

5.Select your method for code delivery

6.Create new password

7.Verify contact information

4. Can I use my same username?

Yes. Your current username is still valid on the new system. If you’ve forgotten your username, click the “Forgot Username?” link on our home page.

5. Can I use my same password?

Yes, as long as your current password meets the system requirements.

6. How will biometrics be affected?

If the biometric security (fingerprint scan or facial recognition) on your mobile device is currently activated, you’ll be prompted with set up instructions.

7. Why don’t I have the ability to receive notifications via SMS text?

To activate the ability to receive mobile alerts navigate to Setting and Contact tab, click on the edit pencil next to mobile number, click the box next to “I would like to receive SMS text messages to this number”. A temporary code to confirm your mobile number will be sent, in addition to a second code to confirm you accept SMS texts.

8. Will my account look the same when I log in?

All of your current account information will transfer over securely to the new system. If you log in on a desktop, you’ll immediately notice a change to the dashboard layout, which gives you a convenient, overview of your accounts.

9. What’s going to be different?

The biggest and best difference is our new services that offer a suite of user-friendly tools for doing everything from everyday banking to achieving long-term financial goals.

10. Can I change my username and password after my initial login?

Yes, you are able to change your username and password by navigating to Settings.

11. Will my accounts information from other financial institutions carry over to the new platform?

Yes. Any accounts you have set up to transfer to/from other Financial Institutions that are currently established on your account will carry over to the new platform.

However, if you are utilizing the Personal Financial Management tools, you will need to re-enter the account information to gain a more holistic view of your finances (balances/transactions).

12. Where can I find my loan payment amount?

Loan payment amounts will show in the Classic Transfer screen or the Account Details tab within your loan account.

13. Where will the MICR info display in Digital Banking?

Under the Accounts Details tab of your savings or checking accounts.

14. Will setting a category for a certain transaction and merchant be applied to future purchases?

Yes, as long as there is not a change to the Merchant’s information, the new platform will recognize the transition and categorize it as you have designated previously.

15. How far back can I search transactions on an account?

Up to 18 months of transactions will be available.

16. How far back will my check images written from my account be available?

Up to 18 months of check images will be available for checks written from your account.

17. Will I be able to download Activity/Transactions to Quicken or Excel?

Yes. In your Accounts, simply select the download icon        in the side bar pop out, select the download format: CSV, OFX, QFX, QBO. 

18. If I hide my account, will I still be able to transfer funds to/from that account in digital banking?

Yes, hiding an account from the Dashboard will not affect your ability to transfer to and from the account. If you hide your account in the Account widget, you can gain visibility again by navigating to the Settings and making the appropriate modification.

19. Will my bill pay information carry over to the new digital banking platform?

Yes. All your current payee/payment information will carry over. Please review your bill pay settings, just to be sure everything is correct.

20. Will I need to set up my payees again?

No, existing payees and scheduled payments will appear in the new platform.

21. If I am transferring to a new payee/setting up a new payee, do I need to verify with a temporary code?

Yes, this will trigger a MFA code to be sent to you. 

22. I had a recurring transfer set up in the old platform, does it need to reset in the new digital banking platform?

No, any recurring transfers will be converted to the new digital banking platform.

23. I previously set up a transfer. Will I be able to edit or cancel it in the new system?

Yes, you can edit the amount and the memo, but the transfer will need to be canceled if you wish to set up a new frequency and/or date.

24. What is the turnaround time for an electronic bill pay payment?

2-3 business days.

25. What are ebills?

An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill that you can view and pay via the Bill Pay widget in the Transfer & Pay bucket. The eBills are only compatible with companies that have been designated as an eBill provider (ex: Verizon Wireless, Discover and Home Depot).

26. Why am I receiving the following error when attempting to submit a payment in the Bill Pay Widget? "Error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. Original Error Code: IPay.8040"

This error is occurring due to the entry in the memo field. You may be using too many characters (Max = 25), or you may be using special characters that are not allowed.

27. Can I customize transaction categories?

The main transaction category cannot be changed; however, you will be able to customize sub-categories when using a desktop computer or tablet.

28. Which cards are eligible to use the lock/unlock feature?

All of our debit and credit cards are eligible for this feature.

29. What happens when I lock my card?

Within minutes, you'll see the card appear locked. Locking your card will prevent new transactions, while still allowing recurring transactions, pre-authorized payments, and refunds to post to your account.

30. What happens when I unlock my card?

Once your card is unlocked, you may resume transactions and payments.

31. Will a locked card work in my mobile wallet?

No, the card will show up in the mobile wallet, but authorizations will be declined.

32. Will I receive card alerts?

Once you register your card and select your notification preference, all card transaction alerts will be sent to you in real time.

33. Will members over age 65 still be charged for checks when they order using digital banking?

Yes. To receive a check order once a year for free, users over 65 must make this request with a Launch representative. 

34. Can I use both Overdraft Transfer and Courtesy Pay?

Yes. If you currently have Overdraft Transfer set up those funds will be utilized first. If there are no funds available or if Overdraft Transfer is not currently set up, then Courtesy Pay will be utilized if you have opted in for it.

35. What is new on the dashboard?

Besides a new design and a friendly user experience, we hope you enjoy the new features of card controls, Zelle, savings goals, Snapshot on a mobile device, and more.

36. How does Mobile Deposit work?

Select Deposit Checks, the account you wish to deposit to enter the amount of your check and sign the back of your check and print, “For mobile deposit only at Launch CU”. You will then be prompted to take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device. Be sure to capture a clear picture with all 4 corners of the check in your mobile device’s camera screen. Then submit your deposit. 

37. Will I be able to download Activity/Transactions to Quicken or Excel?

Yes. In your Account, click the download icon and choose the download format: CSV, OFX, OFX, QBO. 

38. Do I have to use my own computer or device to accept e-statements disclosures?

Yes, you must use your own computer or device to accept electronic disclosures. Banking regulations state that you must demonstrate the capability to receive electronic disclosures.

39. Why won't my account from another Financial Institution sync?

Ensure the login information is correct for the bank that you are attempting to link. If your login information is correct, and you are still having an issue and/or if you notice an alert icon or the “Balance as of…” date is old, you will need to manually refresh the data. 

  • For mobile users, navigate to Settings, select the account that needs to be synced, and then “update login”
  • For desktop or tablet users, navigate to Settings under the profile dropdown, select the account that needs to be synced, and the refresh icon.
  • Note: You will be required to reenter the login credentials to initiate the refresh
40. How often are my external accounts updated?

Daily. Please note, some accounts will not automatically refresh if the other financial institution requires multi factor authentication (for example security questions). If they use multifactor authentication, this will require you to refresh your credentials by navigating to Settings, and clicking on the aggregate account you would like to be updated. 

41. What can I do with a linked external account?

Adding external accounts will give you a holistic view of your personal finances.  Using the Financial Wellness will allow you to have a full view of your spending by category. You can use the filter option to look at specific categories or time frames across your accounts. 

42. What does the Message Center do?

The Message Center allows you to send secure messages to us. A designated representative will reply within one business days.

43. Will my device/browser work?

Digital Banking supports the last two versions of the browsers listed below:

  • Google Chrome: Latest two versions
  • Firefox: Latest two versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest two versions
  • Safari: Last two major versions
  • IOS: Last two major versions
  • Android: v8.0 and higher

Please note, Internet Explorer 11 does not support digital banking and standards that are implemented in newer browsers.

44. Are notifications for my account in real time?

Most alerts will be sent out to members in batches, those take place four times a day.  Some alerts will be sent out in real-time.

45. Will I be able to set up account alerts?

Yes, alerts can now be sent via mobile SMS, email, or push notification to the application on a mobile device. Go to the More menu option, select Tools, then select Alerts & Notifications.

46. I do not want to receive SMS alerts anymore. How do I turn them off?

You can turn off these alerts by navigating to Alerts & Notifications and clicking the alert you are wanting to manage. Simply slide to turn the alert off and click save. Since your alerts are customizable based upon the alert type, you will need to manage or turn off each alert that you do not want to receive.

47. What does the Quick Apply widget do?

Quick Apply allows you to Apply for a Loan or to add a share to your account. The available shares include - Money Market, Holiday Accounts, Additional savings, and Checking.

48. Are transfers immediate?

Account to account, account to loan, and member to member are immediate. Setting up an external account for ACH transfers require a micro deposit verification process and therefore is not immediate. Additionally, transfers set up for an existing external account would still require a 2–3-day window for the transfer to make it to its final destination.

49. Why am I seeing "CvtdTxfr" for scheduled transfers that were converted?

This is not an issue. This is just a way to track schedule transfers that were converted from the previous system. You are able to delete or change this memo if you prefer.  

50. How do I transfer money to another user of this financial institution?

Linking Accounts M2M (Launch Account to Launch Account)

Create a one-time or permanent link to another member’s account to make one-time and recurring transfers to that account. You have the option to link to another member’s account using their account number, last name, account type, share or loan ID associated with that account number.  To use this feature, use the “+ Add an account to make a transfer” option on the Classic Transfer tab.

How is the person (another Launch member) I am sending money to be notified? 

An email notification will be sent. 

51. When is a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) code is required

MFA code is required when:

  • A user attempts to add a Member to Member or linked account where the users doesn’t have ownership
  • A user attempts to add an ACH (External) account
  • A user attempts to add a Bill Pay payee (new payee)
  • A user attempts to add a P2P payee
  • Security setting/changes
  • Alerts & Notifications

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Visit any branch location to open your account. For questions call 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) or 800-662-5257 (outside Brevard).
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