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Digital Banking

Digital Banking From Wherever You Are

Manage your finances better, faster and more conveniently.

Our Digital Banking Suite provides you with:

  • Seamless design across all devices
  • The ability to self-enroll from any device
  • Customization of your digital banking home page
  • In-depth finance management tools
  • Ability to send and receive secure messages within Digital Banking
  • Advanced alerts to help you manage your accounts
  • Ability to send money to other people fast.
  • Set up recurring transfers or loan payments. View these simple steps for quick set-up.
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Getting Started with Digital Banking

Our Digital Banking User Guide will help walk you through everything you can do in Launch CU’s Digital Banking Suite, with 24/7 access to your Launch CU accounts from any device.

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If you are unable to enroll, call the Contact Center at 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) or 800-662-5257 (outside Brevard) and they can enable your account to be enrolled.

Digital Banking User Guide

Download Our Mobile App

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Mobile Check Deposit

Our Mobile Banking app allows you to make mobile check deposits from your phone.

  • Allows you to remotely deposit your checks without having to visit a branch or ATM
  • Snap a photo of the check(s) you want to deposit with your smartphone
  • Fill in dollar amount and account, then click “Make a Deposit.”
  • Click HERE for the Mobile Check Deposit Agreement and Disclosure

Digital Banking Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an in-depth guide I can use to help me get the most out of my Digital Banking experience?

Yes. Launch CU has created a Digital Banking User Guide with step-by-step instructions to help you complete essentially any task in Digital Banking.

2. Why is Launch CU updating the Digital Banking experience?

Our goal is to offer our members the highest level of reliable, easy to use, and relevant technology products and services for the best member experience.

3. What are some of the great new features and enhancements?

• Seamless design across all devices
• Self enroll from any device
• Forgot password link
• Customization of your digital banking page
• Finance management tools
• Send and receive secure messages/emails
• Set up advanced Alerts
• Send money to others
• Help Center

4. Will I need to re-enroll for Launch CU's new Digital Banking Suite?

All existing Online Banking and Mobile Banking Users will need to login to the new Digital Banking Suite with their current Online Banking User ID and password. You will then be provided with steps to get a secure access code and complete the initial set-up process.

5. What will the first time login look like for an existing Launch CU Online Banking User?

For current Online Banking Users follow the below steps...
• Enter your current Online Banking User ID.
• Enter your current Online Banking password.
• Click "login" to continue.
• Select a delivery method for your secure access code.
• Input your secure access code in the box provided to complete the initial login. You'll be guided to update your password using our enhanced security credentials.

6. What if I am a new user?

If you are not a current Online Banking User, you will need to enroll as a new user to access the new Digital Banking Suite. Simply visit the home page of our website and click on the "User ID" field in the Digital Banking login box.

Enter the Username you would like to use, click the "New Enrollment," link and then "Login." Follow the prompts to complete the new enrollment process.

View our video tutorial on how to enroll in Digital Banking as a new user.

7. Do I have to use a desktop computer to sign in for the first time or enroll as a new user?

No. Our new Digital Banking Suite allows you to enroll from any device.

8. What if I can't remember my password?

On the login page, click the “Forgot your password?” link. And simply follow the prompts.

9. What is a Secure Access Code (SAC), and what should I expect in receiving my SAC?

Once you select your preferred delivery method, Submit at the bottom of the page.
•Phone Delivery: If you select phone delivery of your Secure Access Code, you'll receive an automated call. Answer the phone normally when the call arrives. You will be prompted to hear your code. For security, we will not leave a code on voice mail; so, if you miss the call, just repeat the process.
•Text Message Delivery: If you select text message delivery of your temporary code, you will receive a very simple message containing the requested code. Standard text message fees apply.
•Email Delivery: If you select email delivery, you will receive a very simple email containing the requested code. If you do not receive this email, please check your "Junk Mail" box. You can configure your "Junk Mail" settings to allow future emails from our address.

Important: You must use the Secure Access Code provided within a short timeframe following your request. After a short timeframe, the code will no longer be valid. If your code expires, you will need to begin the registration process again

10. Will I receive a Secure Access Code each time to access Digital Banking?

No, if you are accessing your account from a registered (personal/trusted computer), you will not receive a SAC each time you log in. However, you will retrieve a SAC each time you try to Login to Digital Banking from a device that is not registered.

11. What if I get locked out of Digital Banking?

After the second invalid password attempts, a message will remind you “one more invalid attempt will lock out this User ID. Before this happens, please click “Forgot your Password?”.

12. Is there a new app for mobile?

There is a new Launch CU mobile app.

If you are a current mobile banking user, open the Launch CU mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, and follow the link provided to access the updated version.

If you have not downloaded Launch CU's mobile app, download it in your app store by searching "Launch CU".

13. Will Bill Pay history transfer over to the new Digital Banking Suite?

Yes, all payee information, scheduled payments, and Bill Pay history will convert over to the new Digital Banking Suite.

14. How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

To enroll in Bill Pay, sign into Digital banking, click "Transactions" then "Bill Pay" from the main navigation menu, and follow the prompts.

15. Will currently scheduled internal Launch CU transfers and recurring internal Launch CU transfers convert to the new Digital Banking Suite?

No, you will need to set up all scheduled transfers and recurring transfers in the new Digital Banking Suite.

16. Will all e-lerts automatically convert to the new Digital Banking Suite?

No, you will need to set up new “alerts” in the new Digital Banking Suite.

17. How do I view my statements or set up E-Statements?

To set up e-Statements, click “statement delivery” under the Settings option.

To view your statements, click on “statements” under the Transactions option. Please know that in the drop down menu, “Savings” will be the only option to select. You will be able to view all account suffix’s on your statement.

18. How do I change my statement delivery preferences?

To change your statement delivery preference
• Click "Settings" then "Statement Delivery" from the main navigation menu.
• Click the pencil icon next to the account you would like to change your statement preference for.
• Use the drop-down menu to select your preferred statement delivery option, and click "Set."

19. What are the browser requirements?

The only browser requirement is that your browser must be HTML5 compatible. Compatible browsers and versions include:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 11 & later
• Firefox, Version 33 & later
• Google Chrome, Version 27 & later
• Safari (on Mac OS X10 only), Version 8 & Later

Mobile phone requirements include:
• Android Devices, Version 5.0 & Up
• Apple iOS, Version 9 & Later

20. Will I be able to view my Launch CU Credit Card Information in Digital Banking?

Yes, to view your Launch CU credit card account, simply login to Digital Banking, and click "Services" from the main navigation menu, then click " My Credit Card." You can also view your credit card information from the home screen.

21. How does send "Send Money" (Person-to-Person payment) now work?

Our new digital banking offers P2P (Person to Person) Payments – even more simple by Debit Card transfer! You'll select to send an email or text message for your friend to accept to receive funds.

Note – when receiving funds to a debit card, the transfer is immediate, but to receive to a checking account via ACH transfer may take 2-3 days to complete. There is a $1.00 fee.

22. How does member-to-member transfer work?

You can choose to make a single transfer to another member or link another member's account (for deposit purposes only) to your digital banking. If you plan to make more than one transfer to the other member, or if you need to create a recurring or future-dated transfer, linking the account is required. When you select the option to link the other member's account to your login, it will place that account number in the drop-down menu in the funds transfer option. You will be required to enter the recipients account number, account type, suffix and the first three letters of the last name.

This video will help you learn how to set up member-to-member transfers.

23. How does "Add External Account/Verify External Account" work?

This option will enable you to request that an external account (an account you have at another financial institution) be linked for electronic transfers to your Launch CU account. There are two steps in this process, please follow the guidelines.

24. How does "Link Account" work?

You can pull in information from your other bank or credit union accounts to help you view and manage all of your finances right here in your new digital banking suite. Once you select or search for the financial institution, enter your Username and Password and follow the prompts to finish the Linking process. You will then use the Net Worth, Budget, Spending, Trends and Debts options across the top of your Home page.

25. What are quick actions, and how do I use them?

Quick actions are available on all of your Launch CU accounts on your main dashboard. Quick actions include "Quick Transfer" and "Quick View."

Quick transfer allows you to quickly transfer money between your accounts, while quick view allows you to view all activity on that specific account.

26. What is Personal Finance Manager?

Our Digital Banking Sutie comes equipped with widgets to help you manage your money better.
•Net worth widget: Allows you to see the total value of all internally held and linked accounts, allowing you to view your net worth over time.
•Budget widget: This option helps you set budgets for each spending category, as well as track your progress towards those categories each month. The first time you use the budget widget, you have the option to start from scratch or have personal finance manager auto-generate budgets based on your spending.
•Spending widget: This tool allows you to see a visual representation of how you are spending your money over a period of time. If you wish to view past spending habits, simply click on the calendar, and select the dates you would like to view.
•Trends widget: The trends tool builds even further on your budgeting categories to help you track spending over time as compared to your income.
•Debts widget: This tool allows you to see all of your debt accounts in one place, and calculate how making additional payments or paying off your debt completely could affect your total debt over time.

27. How does grouping accounts work?

You are able to customize your view on your home page by grouping your accounts. You are able to group both internal accounts and external accounts that are aggregated in personal finance manager.

You are also able to move the account tiles to customize the appearance of your home page. If you are using a mouse, simply drag and drop the tile to a new location. On a mobile device, tap a tile, and drag it to a new location.

28. How do I update my security preferences?

You can change your security preferences right from Launch CU’s Digital Banking Suite. Change things such as your password, secure delivery method, or Digital Banking User ID in a matter of seconds.

To change your password
• Click "Settings" then "Security Preferences"
• Click "Change Password"
• Enter your existing password in the "Old Password" field
• Enter your new password in the "New Password" field
• Re-enter your new password in the "Confirm New Password" field

To change your user name
• Click "Settings" then "Security Preferences"
• Click" Change User ID"
• Type your desired new user name in the "New User ID"
• Click "Submit" to save your changes

To edit your secure delivery methods
• Click "Settings" then "Security Preferences"
• Click" Secure Delivery"
• Click the pencil icon next to the information you wish to change, or add a new contact method by scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking the method you would like to add.

29. How do I send a secure message in Digital Banking?

• From your main dashboard, click on the account you have a question about.
• Click or tap on the transaction you have a question about, then click the message bubble icon.
• Enter your message into the "message" field.
• Click the paper clip icon to attach any necessary documents.
• Click or tap "Send."
• A message will appear that confirms your message has been sent. Click or tap "Close."

30. What is a trusted site?

There are websites that you trust as safe (such as websites that are on your organization’s intranet or that come from established companies that you know are safe, like Launch CU). When you add a website to your trusted sites zone, you believe that files you download or that you run from the website will not damage your computer or data. By default, there are no websites that are assigned to the trusted sites zone, and the security level is set to low.

31. Can I access my account(s) through my office PC?

Yes. However, there are several types of Internet access available. Your office computer may access the Internet through a network with its own internal security in place. Or, your office PC/network may have its own firewall in place which may block access to your account. Also, your workplace browser must be configured correctly for Internet Account Access to work properly. In any of these cases, you will need to consult your network administrator or technical support person for help with this issue.

When logging into Digital Banking, you will see all accounts for which you are a signer. For example:

  •   Primary Owner
  •   Joint Owner
  •   Business Account
  •   Representative Payee

Joint Owners should create their own User ID and Password. By choosing to share the primary owner’s user name and/or password, you are releasing the credit union of responsibility for transactions made by the Joint Owner.

View our agreements and disclosures for P2P, MoneyDesktop, Mobile Check Deposit, and E-Sign by visiting our Privacy Policy & Disclosures Page

We’re Here To Help With Your Digital Banking Needs

If you have questions regarding Launch’s Digital Banking Suite, make sure to view our Frequently Asked Questions above or our YouTube Channel. You can also call us at 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) or 800-662-5257 (outside Brevard) option 0 for assistance with Digital Banking. We are always updating Digital Banking with new selections and options!

Visit any branch location to open your account. For questions call 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) or 800-662-5257 (outside Brevard).

Launch CU recognizes its responsibility to protect the privacy and personal information of our youngest members, (children under the age of 13). Our COPPA policy's primary goal is to place parents in control of what information is collected online from their children. Review Launch CU's COPPA policy today.

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