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Auto Loan Refinancing 101

Do you currently have your vehicle loan financed with a different financial institution? If so, refinancing your auto
loan to Launch CU could save you big bucks. An auto refinance with Launch CU can help you get to where you are going, with payments you can afford.

Six Reasons You Should Think About Auto Refinancing

1.) Increasing Or Decreasing Your Loan

By refinancing to Launch CU you may be able to select a different term and payment option to better suite your individual needs.

Woman looks. at window with car keys in hand

2.) Lowering Your Interest Rate

Person handing over car key with car in the background | Lowering Your Interest Rate

Refinancing your auto loan to Launch CU could help you save money each month by reducing your monthly payments

3.) Fixed Rate

You can benefit from consistent monthly payments with a fixed rate. A fixed rate means that you pay the same amount each month, and you will never get penalized for paying off your loan early. 

A couple taking a selfie at car dealership | Fixed Rates

4.) Digital Tools

Person typing on phone | Digital Tools

Another reasons to consider refinancing to another lender because of their progressive digital tools. It becomes immensely easier to pay your monthly payment when you can simply transfer money from one account to another through Launch CU’s Digital Banking. 

5.) Lower Monthly Payments

Refinancing your auto loan to Launch CU could help you save money each month by reducing your monthly payments.

orange folder with loan application and car keys | Lower Monthly Payments

6.) In-House Refinancing

a family of three at a car dealership getting new car keys

Have peace of mind knowing that all Launch CU loans are financed in-house. This means you’ll specifically deal with us when it comes to your loan.


Is Auto Refinancing Right For You?

  • Your interest rate is much higher than current rates. Chances are you can probably get a lower rate by refinancing your car. Since interest rates directly impacts monthly payments, it is something that should be considered.
  • Your credit score has improved. If your credit score has improved since you took out your original car loan, you could save money by refinancing your vehicle loan to Launch CU.

~ You are in a lengthy loan term. If you are currently in a long lone term, five-to-eight- year term, you would be an excellent candidate for an auto refinance.

~ If you have your auto loan with any other financial institution, we would love to speak with you about how refinancing your vehicle loan to Launch CU could save you money. At Launch CU, our goal is to help you to go beyond and reach your financial goals. Let us help you get to where you are going for less.

You may also apply online to start the refinance process today! Click Here To Refinance With Launch CU

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