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7 Virtual Learning Tips For Parents

Another summer is in the books and it’s no surprise, this school year looks different. Whether your student is going back to school full-time, part-time, or completely virtual there will be growing pains. We understand many of our members are parents or guardians who are now having to assist their student(s) in learning from home. We gathered 7 virtual learning tips for parents to implement heading into the new school year.

1.) Pick A Spot

A student desk with decorations and pink and blue chair

Children are accustomed to using the same desk and classroom every day. Create this familiarity in your home by setting up a specific spot your child uses each day for school. You can even make it fun by using a tri-fold to create a desk divider where they can hang pictures. Check out these kid workspace set up tips on our Pinterest page. To avoid distraction, put toys and electronics out of sight until the school day is over.

2.) Take Breaks

kid flying a kite in a field

Most children are usually asking their teacher to use the bathroom then grab a hall pass on the way out. This looks a little different at home. Children may need to get up more frequently because they’re sitting & watching a screen for long periods of time. Embrace this and allow your child to get up, stretch, and walk around before getting back to work.

3.) Create A Network

child with headphones typing on the computer

It’s important for children to continue socializing with their classmates even if they can’t see them in-person. Reach out to fellow parents & see about setting up a virtual play date or study session. This is also a way to connect with fellow parents and discuss virtual learning tips & tricks.

4.) Have Materials Nearby

a desk full of school supplies

Start gathering all of the materials necessary your children will need for their assignments. This way they can easily grab them and finish completing their assignment.

5.) Set Boundaries

A parent talking with his child looking at the laptop

Set boundaries by letting your children know what’s expected of them while learning from home. Whether this is setting designated areas for schoolwork and if you’re working from home, establishing where your work area is.

6.) Build A Schedule

A school schedule with blank lines

Make sure you know your child’s schedule & assignment due dates. Next, create a daily visual list so your child can check each task off. Once the list is complete celebrate with a treat.

7.) Children With Special Needs

student with glasses typing on a keyboard with headphones on

Virtual learning can be a hard adjustment for students who need an individualized education program (IEP). It’s important to contact an IEP team to discuss what this program looks like at home, what barriers need to be removed, and what resources the school can provide. It may be beneficial to start with shorter activities and learning time blocks.

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