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How To Experience August On the Space Coast

Updated: July 21, 2023

Summer is coming to an end, but the fun never stops on the Space Coast. With so many activities to experience in the sunshine state, it’s easy to miss one. So, we gathered some of our favorite things to do in August on the Space Coast.

Summer is coming to an end, but the fun never stops on the Space Coast. With so many activities to experience in the sunshine state, it’s easy to miss one. This is why we gathered a few of our favorite things to experience August on the Space Coast including sea turtle nesting season and bioluminescence.

1.) Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Sea turtles, including loggerheads, leatherbacks, and green turtles, are nesting & hatching all over the Space Coast. If you’re lucky, you can experience one! Sometimes it happens right before sunrise or at night. Remember, be respectful, and NEVER disturb, harass, or touch a sea turtle during the nesting process. Also, don’t use flashlights, lanterns, or flash photography on the beaches at night. Florida State Parks offers great tips for sharing the beach with sea turtles.

You can also look into sea turtle walks put together by organizations like the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.

sea turtle hatchling

2.) Bioluminescence

August is the perfect time to experience this phenomenon on our rivers and lagoons. You can have a great view from boats, kayaks, or paddle boards. It’s best seen after 9:00 pm and five days after a full moon when the nights are usually darker. If you don’t have a kayak or other way to check it out, many local places offer night tours to see the bioluminescence, including A Day Away Kayak Tours & Adventure Kayak Cocoa Beach.

3.) Baby Alligators 

Alligator hatching season usually occurs around mid-August through early September. While it’s amazing to see a baby alligator, it’s important to KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Mother alligators watch over their young for several months after hatching, and babies will call for their mother when distressed. You may see one on an airboat tour, while hiking, or in our wetlands. You can visit Florida’s list of places to see alligators.

baby alligator
holding grapes

4.) Grape Picking

If you’re looking for fresh grapes and a day outside, Spring Garden Vineyards in Volusia County has you covered. They are open for their annual “U-Pick Muscadine Grape Picking” weekend events.

5.) BEACH!

August is one of the hottest months in Florida, but lucky for us, we are close to some beautiful beaches. Whether you enjoy laying in the sun and enjoying the ocean breeze or surfing the waves, Florida’s Space Coast’s coastline offers 72 miles of beach options to escape the heat and cool off. Check out some of the favorite uncrowded beach’s of Florida’s Space Coast, according to the Space Coast Office of Tourism.


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